Studio Introduction

MLL ATELIER is the award-winning studio and academy,

founded by architectural visionary and theorist,

Maria Lorena Lehman.


A world of Joy.

The call is upon us to not only solve for global problems, but to also solve for global possibility. While the latter is important to consider, it is the former that primarily drives my creative practice. I believe that when we reach for what we can become, we see better ways to solve for what we have not yet been.

I see a future for our world where environments holistically nurture humanity to bring the best out in our nature as we actualize our highest potential. To build this vision, I create art that uses imagination to push design horizons.

Within my art, I present worlds that make the seemingly impossible, possible. This helps us rethink, appreciate, evolve, and nurture how we cultivate our own world – including our innermost being, as well as our external reality.

Buckminster Fuller once stated, “You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete”.

Through my research-based artwork, I am building new environmental design models with vision, creativity, and compassion. Ultimately, my mission is to cultivate a world of joy. By seeing beauty not only when it is easy, but also when it is difficult, life becomes richer because the feelings of curiosity, aliveness, and love win.

— Maria Lorena Lehman | Founder, MLL Atelier LLC

About MLL Atelier

MLL Atelier LLC is an award-winning design studio creating research-driven projects at the intersection of architectural design and futures thinking, with specialization at the frontier of human potential, transcendent beauty, and phenomenology of space. Founded by futures architect Maria Lorena Lehman, this innovative studio practice creates spatial poetics not experienced before, by finding new interdisciplinary connections between a multitude of fields, including: neuroscience, physics, captology, and philosophy. MLL Atelier wins awards for projects and publications internationally, while also disseminating educational resources through the Atelier's Academy of Poetics that pioneers research-driven outcomes worldwide. 

Statement of Practice


I create in a style that I call Bloomvism. This is derived from the floriculture term for “bloom” which means "to flower into full beauty or health". It is my hope that with Bloomvism as a new artistic style, I can bring a new vision of harmony to help humanity progress into our next evolution in ways that pioneer a better world. Thus, I define Bloomvism as an artistic practice, design philosophy, and environmental system of harmonization for visualizing “architectural blooms” that uplevel consciousness and increase the actualization of highest human potential.

To embody Bloomvism within my paintings, sculptures, and designs, I create (semi)abstract representations and/or speculations of reality that have never been seen due to the physical nature of the Universe and unimagined technology. For example, my “Echoes of Time” painting captures the moment of first light that turns night into day, my “Metamorphosis from Within” painting deconstructs transcendent symbiosis, my “Refracting the Speed of Light” painting orchestrates variations in matter to bend light symphonically, my “Dual Façade” painting imagines the ultimate convergence of architectural form that spans distances of time, space, and cultural evolution, and my “Edge of Infinity” sculpture depicts how the evolution of choice drives beauty and diversity within growth. My mission is for Bloomvism to guide humanity to see and design beyond what we sense, to grow understanding and imagination into the hidden, complex, and ethereal qualities and systems that drive the Universe to yield its profound and nurturing harmonious beauty. In this way, Bloomvism transports people into deepest realities that awaken and heighten our perception and creation of what harmonious beauty can make possible in our world.


By primarily working with painting, sculpture, film, and book authorship to create visionary environmental artefacts of Bloomvism, my research-driven practice blurs boundaries by strategically bridging architecture, science, and philosophy with technological innovation. I create to explore the poetic dynamics between the built environment, human beings, nature, and the cosmos, to yield applications and universal interpretations that invite deepening immersion into the never-before-seen realms depicted in my visionary designs:

✚ At a far distance, my creations are gateways into new realms of natural and built environments, inviting viewers into their grand principles that drive their narrative stories and systems in simplest form.

✚ At a medium distance, my creations reveal the deep orchestration between natural and/or built environmental entities that drive inherent stories and systems into full harmony. From this nearer perspective, such orchestrations act as "bridges" that create deep synergy between humanity and nature.

✚ At a close distance, the stories and systems within my creations unfold. This is where each new natural or built visionary realm strategically invites attention and focus, so one may awaken through a paradigm shift that changes how one perceives and shapes the world.

In essence, I am building worlds that “bloom”.


I get my inspiration from the juxtaposition between the beauty and harmony that blooms in the natural world compared to the discord and missed opportunities for beauty that erodes our humanmade world. My mission with Bloomvism is to close this gap, so that what we make as a humanity can rise to enter into beautiful and harmonious symbiosis with the natural world, where both bloom and thrive. Yet, to do this, humanity needs to see and design beyond “surface beauty and function” by turning challenge into new possibility so we, as citizens of Earth, can optimally shape our creations that shape us in return. In this way, we may heighten our awareness, compassion, and creativity as a humanity to evolve a better world nurtured into full harmonious health, beauty, and meaning.

Biography of Maria Lorena Lehman

MLL ATELIER is founded by Maria Lorena Lehman, an award-winning Futures Architect that focuses on links between architectural design, scientific discovery, emerging technology, and human potential. Lehman is author of the internationally published book entitled, Adaptive Sensory Environments, which won the Silver Medal Nautilus Book Award. ArchDaily describes Maria Lorena Lehman as “one of the leading experts on delivering exceptional occupant experience through smart building design”. Her creations attracts an international audience as they bridge between architectural application and universal interpretation to unlock what environments can do to benefit people in innovative ways. The work of Maria Lorena Lehman is described as "evocative visual poetry of motion that is a new inspiration" by Daniel Smith, the company that creates watercolors for artists worldwide.

Lehman holds the degrees of Master in Design with Distinction from the Harvard University Graduate School of Design in the United States, and a Bachelor of Architecture, Cum Laude, from Virginia Tech in the United States. Lehman is recipient of the Harvard University Digital Design Prize for the “most creative use of digital media in relation to the design professions”. While at Harvard University, Lehman completed coursework toward the Doctor of Design degree and worked to innovate healing environments by researching at the nexus of architectural technology, digital media, and neuroscience within the Harvard Graduate School of Design, House_n. Media Lab at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), and the Neuroscience Department of the Harvard Medical School. Lehman also studied with Professor T. Kelly Wilson during the "Drawing from Masters" course at Harvard University.

Maria Lorena Lehman is internationally published and in numerous periodicals, including The Architect's Journal, Architect Magazine, Wired, Forbes, and Vogue. Currently, her studio work looks for new ways environments can awaken individual and collective enlightenment by innovating experience, which she explores deeply through her artistic and design processes. At the heart of her work is a motivation to push the role of environments into more proactive realms that empower people to thrive and achieve fulfillment at their highest potential. Maria Lorena Lehman has a vision for how interdisciplinary findings between architecture, science, philosophy, and emerging technology can unlock more nurturing environmental futures that she envisions as new architectural possibilities through her artworks and designs that inspire, amaze, and delight in ways not experienced before.



Chosen by Artifact Gallery for representation. Artifact Gallery is based in New York City, United States.


Chosen by Curator HongLee for international representation. Curator HongLee is based in Paris, France.


Read what designers are saying.

Maria Lorena Lehman is a visionary and forward-thinking artist, author and designer. Her books and advice are an endless source of inspiration and they truly embody the future and progress of the physical space and people. She has a 360 degree vision and therefore her advice makes you broaden your imagination, and drives you through your design path. Her suggestions have helped me many times to understand the strengths of my ideas as well as its weaknesses, and have given me the means to develop every project in unpredicted ways.”

Andrea Saliola

CEO at Pixies. Forbes under 30

"I was challenged with learning how to touch the soul through environmental design. Since learning from Maria Lorena Lehman, I now understand how through design beauty is not only seen with our physical senses, but also with our soul and spirit."

— Deyanira Khouri


Dominican Republic

"Maria Lorena Lehman has established a formidable international reputation. She examines how technology, nature, learning from other design sectors and many other aspects can harness benefits for occupants and in this way transform architectural design."

— Dr. Derek Clements-Croome

Professor Emeritus, School of the Built Environment

Reading University, United Kingdom

"After being in architecture both academically and within the industry for over 20 years, I feel as though what Maria Lorena Lehman teaches brings to light long lost and forgotten components, secrets, and keys to creating hi-functionality and attentive design. Something computers don’t often provide when the designer is in the trenches."

— Archtitude

5-Star Review

United States

"I present this testimony to express my gratitude and admiration for this website and the lecturer's outstanding performance, which shows abundant knowledge and strong presentation. These lectures by Maria Lorena Lehman have benefited me in my scientific life as a university professor and my professional practices as an architect. I always wish her good luck."

— Dr. Usama Konbr

Associate Professor, Architectural Engineering Department

Tanta University, Egypt

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