Building an alternate fictional future world to create new possibility for our own.




The Xeoverse Map

Maria Lorena Lehman is a futures architect with a passion for environmental design informed by worldbuilding. By fusing design-science with science-fiction, Maria Lorena Lehman imagines a unique and epic future world called, Xeoverse. The Xeoverse is designed through concept art where paintings and sculptures create new environmental worldbuilding ideas that delight, amaze, and unlock new possibility for our present-day reality. Set in an alternate fictional future, Xeoverse sets a new horizon that extends beyond the limitations of our current world to disrupt how we perceive the "now". Thus, Xeoverse is a worldbuilding initiative designed to inform how we as a humanity consciously evolve our own future today.

The Xeoverse Map explains the relationships between the different realms of the Xeoverse: from its primary language to its visioneering space, and from its guiding gateway principles to its YOUtopian ideals for self. Explore the map (shown adjacent) to discover how these realms work together to create the Xeoverse, an imagined world where harmony and enlightenment abound.

Internationally recognized

Visionary Artist + Futures Architect

Maria Lorena Lehman — with over 20 years growing the evolutionary edge of environmental design.


Described as "one of the leading experts on delivering exceptional occupant experience through smart building design", Maria Lorena Lehman is an award-winning author, and is recipient of the Harvard University Digital Design Prize for "the most creative use of digital media in relation to the design professions". The artwork of Maria Lorena Lehman is described as "evocative visual poetry of motion that is a new inspiration" by Daniel Smith, the company that creates watercolors for artists worldwide.

Maria Lorena Lehman holds the degrees of Master in Design with Distinction from the Harvard University Graduate School of Design in the United States, and a Bachelor of Architecture with Honors from Virginia Tech in the United States. Lehman also conducted independent research and study at House_n Media Lab, MIT.

Maria Lorena Lehman is founder of MLL Atelier LLC ⁠— an award-winning studio practice creating research-driven visionary projects where architectural design and futures thinking converges with emerging science and technology to create new frontiers for human potential, transcendent beauty, and phenomenology of space.

MLL Atelier LLC is recipient of the THA Innovation and Design Award for Boutique Design Firm of the Year for North America.

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